Cunnington & Co

C & Co Corporate Services Pty Limited trading as PayNow has acted as an Asset Backed Servicer for more than 15 years running the back office systems platforms including Credit initiation, Collection, Recovery, and Reporting for many businesses

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Volumes processed via our PayNow FinTech platforms

1. In excess of $1 billion of Receivables
2. And in excess of $150 million of SME Loan receivables for unsecured loans < $350 thousand collected during the gfc with less than 1% loss over 9 years

C&Co Corporate Services Pty Limited held a Servicer rating by Standard and Poor’s up to 2009

C&Co Corporate Services Pty Limited continues to operate back office services and FinTech platforms for Finance Companies and is available to do so for all Lenders in the B2B space.

SPE Loan Receivables Management includes

Loan and receivables Servicing
Asset Management / Cash Trapping /General Ledger.
Receivable Pool Analysis.
Online BusinessCentre transaction environment.
Full Seller and Investor reporting.
Backup Services.
Recovery of Assets.



Don Cunnington

Don Cunnington

Managing Director
25 years experience in Finance, Property, and Asian investments and partnerships.

Jennet Cunnington

Jennet Cunnington

Executive Director
30 year career in the SME retail space.

T: Australia 1300 819 457 Int: +61 2 93213100

Office: Australia Level 13/28 O'Connell St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Mail: GPO Box 3259, Sydney, NSW 2001